Independent management of secured and unsecured NPL portfolios.

Assets under Management


What We Do


Portfolios / Single Names
Secured & Unsecured
Prime Servicing / Master Servicing
Buy Side Advisory
Risk Management

Credit Management

Asset Recovery & Management / Judicial and Extrajudicial Negotiation

Real Estate

Acquisition and management of real estate assets. Marketing and commercialization by a highly specialized in-house team and network of external brokers with vast experience.

Corporate Restructuring

Corporate restructuring of distressed companies.

How We Do

Our Team

Besides a vast experience working on the Portuguese loan management market, our team has several soft and strong skills applied to human relationships and negotiation which makes our approach amicable and flexible without forgetting assertiveness and rigor/accuracy.

Data Analytics & IT systems

To our solid know-how in NPL Management we combine the development of a proprietary IT solution to achieve optimal analysis, control of the results and reducing the risks associated with the business.

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